Half way there

December 4, 2023

No live stream today. I’m still feeling a bit under the weather. Hopefully next week we’ll be back on schedule.

In January, I started this series on the Go spec, not having any idea if I'd have even 2 readers, or how long it would take to get through the whole spec.

This week we passed the half-way mark on that journey through the spec, and there are over 400 of you subscribed to this daily list. Thank you!

When I started the series, I had in the back of my mind that perhaps one day I would turn the series into a book. A sort of “Go Spec Study Bible”. I’m curious to know your thoughts, so I want to use this milestone to solicit your feedback. If you have a moment, would you hit reply, and let me know your thoughts?

  1. What have you learned during this series?
  2. How could the series be made more valuable to you?
  3. Would you find a this commentary on the Go spec valuable in book format?
  4. If so, would you be interested in receiving a free copy of the book, in exchange for providing your early feedback?

That’s it for now. Thanks for being part of this process!

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