Personal, private mentoring from a world-class Go expert

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I've worked on projects of all sizes

From open-source to small and large companies, I have experience across the board...

How I can help.

There are a number of ways I am able to contribute to your technical and career success.


If you're like me, knowing that someone will be asking you about your progress can be a big motivator in actually <i>making progress</i>. I can provide that accountability.

Code Reviews

You've written some code, and you don't know how to improve it, but it just doesn't feel right? Let me provide the extra pair of eyes, and help guide you toward the idiomatic Go you want to be writing.


We've all been there. The code just doesn't work as it should. Sometimes an extra pair of eyes, or a few more years of experience, can be all you need for that debugging breakthrough.

Career Advice

Go is a popular language, but it seems like all the companies want <b>senior</b> Go developers. I can help you navegate the challenges of a new Go career, or advance to the next level.

“Working with a Go expert like Jonathan has been extremely useful and pleasant while getting up to speed with the language and orienting myself in a new code base.”

Robert Crocker
Data Visualization Engineer

How it works.

You want to become a better Go developmer. Here's how I help you realize that dream.

Regularly scheduled 60-minute calls

During each session, you're in charge. We can go over your latest code, talk about a problem you're facing, or even pair program.

Unlimited Q&A via Slack or email

Have a question between our scheduled call? No problem! You'll be invited to my Boldly Go Slack group, or you can send me an email any time. I typically respond within a couple of days.

You set the priority

You decide what's most important. I'll help you acheive your goals.

Satisfaction guaranteed

If you aren't absolutely convinced you're getting your money's worth within the first two weeks, simply say the word. I'll give you a full refund. No questions asked.

Membership benefits.

When you subscribe, you gain access to a number of unique benefits.


Sometimes having someone check in on your progress can be worth its weight in gold.

Invest in your career

Your mentoring subscription is one way to improve your technical skills, and advance advance your career.

Satisfaction guaranteed

If you don't feel you're getting more than your money's worth from our partnership, cancel at any time. If you cancel within the first two weeks, I'll give you a full refund. No questions asked.

“Jonathan is anything but dogmatic, very open minded, but also very serious about quality and sound reasoning. ”

Alexander Kaiser, Principal Architect, Textkernel

I can help with your project.

Whether you have a current project in mind, or just need help knowing where to get started, I have you covered.

Idiomatic Go
Unit Tests
Clean code
error handling
And much more...

Membership levels.

Choose the plan that's right for you.


$350 /month

Improve your Go skills and career prospects

  • One 60-minute video call per month
  • Unlimited private chat
  • You set the pace!
  • Choose your own technical and career goals
  • I provide code review, pair programming, and accountability
  • Cancel at any time
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$550 /month

Accelerate your progress with double the calls

  • Two 60-minute video call per month
  • Unlimited private chat
  • You want a faster pace!
  • Choose your own technical and career goals
  • I provide code review, pair programming, and accountability
  • Cancel at any time
Go pro

Get in touch

Not sure if private mentoring is right for you? Drop me a line, and we'll discuss what's best for you.

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“I most liked the honesty and openness to present concerns about the product we were working with, always questioning how we could do better.”

Jonatas Baldin
Cloud Native Engineer, Container Solutions

Frequently Asked Questions

Who are you, anyway?

Hi! I’m Jonathan Hall. I've been programming most of my life, and I've been programming in Go for nearly a decade.

These days, I'm one of the hosts on the Cup o' Go podcast, the weekly Go news show, creator of the Boldly Go YouTube channel, and daily go blogger. I've written Go for many well-known companies and open-source projects, including several you almost certainly use already. I'm the author and maintainer of a popular open-source library written in Go, Kivik, and co-maintainer of GopherJS, the Go-to-JavaScript transpiler. I am also an active contributor on StackOverflow.