Wanted: Your Go code to review

October 18, 2023

In next week’s live stream, I’m going to be reviewing Go code from you, the Boldy Go community.

I’ll be looking at three or four projects, which I have never seen before, and offering my feedback. And that’s where you come in. I’d love to review your code!

Do you have a Go project on GitHub that you’d like to have reviewed? Maybe it’s a take-home coding assignment you did as part of an interview process, and you’d like some more constructive feedback than you got from the recruiter who ghosted you. Hit reply, and include a link to the project for consideration.

If I get more submissions than I can handle during the 2-hour live stream, I may review others for normal videos on my YouTube channel. Speaking of, that’s where you can watch my previous code review videos.

In any case, be sure to watch the live stream on Monday.

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