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Let's do Kubernetes

I’m taking a small detour today, to a topic that’s not strictly Go-related, but which I get asked about a lot: Docker and Kubernetes. Starting on Monday, in what is likely to become a 2- or 3-week series, I’m going to be deploying a small Go app I wrote, to Kubernetes on Google Cloud. I’ve done this before, but it’s been a few years, so I’m a bit rusty. And Kubernetes has changed (as it always does), so there are sure to be some educational bumps along the way.


24 min watch

Resume advice for a first-time job seeker

I review the résumé/CV of a first-time job seeker, looking for a Go-related job.


8 min watch

Don't mock slog

Don't mock slog! This video shows you the super simple alternative


1 min read

I'm going back to school

Watch me learn to build a web server in Go, courtesy of

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54 min watch

Building a Go linter from scratch

I walk through the "Writing Useful go/analysis Linter" tutorial by Denis Isaev, and build my first linter from scratch.


16 min watch

Inspect Your Errors: Unwrapping errors for fun and profit

I've talked about wrapping errors. Now let's talk about the various ways to unwrap and inspect errors.


23 min watch

Writing the perfect résumé to land your first Go job

I critique the résumé/CV of someone looking for their first Go job, and offer my suggestions for improvement.


28 min watch

I'm officially a Go contributor! (and you can be, too)

Learn how the Go proposal and change process works, with a real world example.


30 min watch

How to bootstrap a Go project on GitHub Actions

I outline bootstrapping steps for a new Go project with GitHub Actions to run tests, lint code, and ensure secure project setup.


10 min watch

Use error decorators to simplify your error handling code

Learn to use a custom error type as a decorator to simplify error handling.


6 min read

JSON Tricks: The Self-Referencing Marshaler

For more content like this, buy my in-progress eBook, Data Serialization in Go⁠, and get updates immediately as they are added! The content in this post is included in my in-progress eBook, Data Serialization in Go, available on LeanPub. I’ve done a lot of JSON handling in Go. In the process, I’ve learned a number of tricks to solve specific problems. But one pattern in particular I find myself repeating ad infinitum.