Test-driven development: Love it or hate it

December 14, 2023

Denis Čahuk and Adrian Stanek have invited me to join them in their livestream today to discuss Test-Driven Development. I hope you’ll be able to join in on the conversation!

For some it’s a bane they’d rather not hear about at work. For other it’s a core tool that they force themselves to use in all situations. Those in the middle are very adept at it and use it when appropriate.

Some elite performers use it, some don’t. Some beginners use it, some don’t. There’s a lot of noise.

It is certainly a topic with plenty of controversy and heated opinions. It’s an area that myself and others, like Jonathan have chosen to focus on solely with adopters.

At the detriment of excluding you if you’re an enthusiast who hasn’t made the shift. We’re fixing that this week. Joining us is Jonathan Hall, an avid TDD expert and recently minted Fractional Gopher.

🗓 Dec 14th, 16:00 CET / 10:00 EST

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